What Is it?
Some giant bug squashed on the desert floor?
Remnants of some past civilization?
Evidence of Aliens?

Welcome to my collection of photos, some mine many others gathered from viral emails among the flying community.

The photo above is actually Essex Airport, an abandoned WWII vintage airfield in the Mojave desert.

Mojave overfight 4/5/2005

Old Hong Kong Airport

Flying Prop

Asian airline 747 incident, Frankfort, Germany

Chainsaw Massacure

This next picture came with a marvelous story about an ex-wife seeking revenge in a bitter divorce and taking a chainsaw to ex-husband's beloved aircraft:

However the slices are far too regular and neat for the chainsaw story. The real story can be found here.


This photo made the rounds with a number of different wild stories about how a hanger could be filled several feet deep in bubbles. This one even came to the attention of snopes who offer up the most likely explanation that it was an accidential tripping of a fire supression system.

Plane in a tree

There is a saying in avaition that any landing you can walk away from is a "Good landing". If you can use the aircraft again it is a "Great landing". The next photo is in the former catagory. The full story can be found here.

African Flying

Finally this shot from Kenya. I imagine that this might delay your departure a bit...